Mega-Watt Consulting was started in February 2016 - to provide specialist electric generator technical and commercial support on a short term project by project basis. Our focus is on two and four pole generators in the 5 to 200 Megawatt range

including their excitation support, protection and control systems.


With strong practical experience of standard and custom specification electrical generators for diverse applications, we can assist your specificiation, configuration, selection and implimentation for:

  • Industrial and utility gas & steam turbine driven generators

  • Combined heat and power systems

  • On and offshore petrochemical and marine applications

  • Cooling and protection systems for generators in biomass, geothermal and hazardous areas.

  • Upgrade and replacement of damaged or obsolete generator machinery


We can add value to your next project, writing technical requirements or evaluating scope and suppliers..


Mega-Watt can create and manage your industrial marketing project which might include technical writing, publication preparation, or the elements for a successful conference/exhibit booth presentation.  We have broad energy industry experience across North, South & Central America.

Combined Cycle Journal

501D5 Users Conference - June 2006


Derek King


More than 25 years of technical sales presentation, international sales management and successful contract negotiation.


I can work with all levels of OEM/packager contacts, plant operational staff as well as 

corporate fleet management and purchasing to gain clearly defined and economical results.


Contact details are below.  Let me understand your problem and put these skills to work for you.